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We don't want the   

                                prosthesis to get in the
                                   way of your life; we
                                   want the prosthesis
                                    to allow your life to
"We are a prosthetic facility equipped to provide quick prosthesis delivery and on-going individual prosthetist care 24 hours a day."


    Located outside of Carson City NV, Ultra Prosthetics motto is: "We don't stop until you are satisfied!" Ultra Prosthetics works as a team with each patient as their thoughts and opinions are important in the making of a prosthesis. We expect our patients to be happy with their prosthesis so that it will help them meet their personal goals. Ultra Prosthetics will continue to make adjustments and keep a close eye on changes that might require a new prosthesis.

    See how ULTRA can give you the loving care that you
    Stephani is our Patient Representative. She has been wearing a prosthetic for twenty five years and is such a motivation to all of our clients.
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    Goals are important. Let us help you achieve yours.
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