ULTRA: "Dedicated to the constant and never ending improvement of prosthetic excellence."
The Ultra Team
Ultra's professional experience in prosthetics spans more than 40 years, from wood and leather to carbon fiber and titanium components. We have the experience to customize a limb to fit each patient's needs.
   You will be served by an American Board Certified Prosthetist who is committed to evaluating and fitting patients with the highest quality prosthetic devices.
   Ultra Prosthetics' staff of skilled professionals is dedicated to offering the highest quality care available. Our office staff is well trained in insurance matters, letters of medical necessity, pre-authorizations, billing, etc...
   We will accept any insurance and don't have to be a preferred provider for your plan. We also accept assignment for DMERC.
Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Call toll free 1-800-858-7276
E-mail: Dan@UltraProsthetics.com
See how ULTRA can give you the loving care that you expect, deserve, and need.
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ULTRA: The In-Home Specialists
Our practice is not run in the typical office setting. We provide our service in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Learn more...
"It was hard to get to the prostheitc place, but with Ultra, I just picked up the phone and they came to my house..."
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HIPPA Compliance Policy
Ultra Prosthetics shall not release any personal, financial, or medical patient/client records without...
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  • Our first priority is U.
  • We listen to U.
  • We come to U - No charge.
  • Nationwide - Covering the U.S.
  • We See your doctor and physical therapist with U.
  • We bill insurance for U.
  • We are qualified as an expert witness in personal injury cases.
  • We are a Durable Medical Equipment Carrier (DMERC).
  • Letting U know what to expect
  • Facilitating communication between your doctor, therapist and other care givers.